Sinead O'Connor (
It appears that some celebs have gotten their Irish up just a bit too much this year. FOX411’s PopTart column did their fifth annual Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns recently, and this list was full of Irish and Irish American stars.

No stranger to controversy, Irish singer Sinead O’Connor rounded out the list in a three-way tie between herself, Johnny Depp and Susan Sarandon. O’Connor was added to the list for her eyebrow-raising comments earlier this year that if Pope Benedict XVI came to visit Ireland, she would incite an all-out “bloodbath.”

At number 9 is Alec Baldwin, who attempted a Twitter uprising following his removal from a American Airlines flight for refusing to shut off his mobile ‘Words with Friends’ game. The flight crew insisted Baldwin was unruly, and in turn, Baldwin wants his hit show ‘30 Rock’ removed from the in-flight entertainment.

What celeb meltdown list is complete with Lindsay Lohan? The former Disney tween queen made a mess of 2011 between shop-lifting, jail-time and failed random alcohol tests. She closed her year by doing a spread for Playboy, which ironically, was deemed rather tasteful.

And, of course, the clear-cut winner for biggest meltdown of the year is handed over to actor Charlie Sheen, who had less than a “winning!” year. His bizarre antics over the summer had people concerned for his well-being, and also led to his termination from the CBS hit ‘Two and A Half Men.’ Thankfully, Sheen seems to be in a better spot mentally, so here’s to a happy and healthy 2012 for him.

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