The 'Shrek' star and his wife Kelly Tisdale
The 'Shrek' star and his wife Kelly Tisdale welcomed a baby boy into the world earlier this month and have decided to call the tot Spike.

A source told Life & Style magazine: "The baby is named Spike and was born two weeks ago!"

Mike, 48, started dating the New York cafe owner in 2006, shortly after splitting from his first wife, comedy writer-and-actress Robin Ruzan, after 12 years of marriage.

The 'Austin Powers' funnyman wed Kelly in a secret ceremony last year and didn't confirm the news until five months after the nuptials had taken place.

They were first revealed to be an item when they were spotted holidaying in Hawaii together.

Kelly - who previously dated dance star Moby - confirmed their romance, saying: "We're actually surprised you didn't find out about us sooner."

While he is happy now, the Canadian actor once admitted that he is "insecure" like his animated character Shrek.

When asked if he and the green ogre have anything in common, he said: "Insecurity. I'm secure enough to admit I'm quite insecure.

"Growing up in Canada you feel like you walk amongst Americans, but you are slightly different. I think ogres feel slightly alienated."