Scarlett and twin brother Hunter
 The 'Iron Man 2' star separated from the 'Green Lantern' actor last December and she admits she was "quite depressed" in the aftermath of the break-up.

However, she was pulled out of her dark mood by her twin Hunter, her 89-year-old grandmother Dorothy and the unwavering support of her close friends.

In an interview with German magazine Gala, she said: "At first I was quite depressed. After about a week or so I pulled myself together and started to go to the gym all the time. Luckily, I’ve got a few very close girlfriends who have been by my side for 15 years now, who I can talk to about everything and confide in. I’ve got a close relationship with my twin brother Hunter as well. And then there’s my grandmother Dorothy. She recently turned 89 – she’s an incredibly sweet, lovely and wise woman."

Scarlett won't reveal exactly why she and Ryan broke up because she insists it is a private matter between them.

However, the 26-year-old actress – whose divorce from the 34-year-old Hollywood hunk was finalised in June - does accept she has personality traits which can make her a difficult person to deal with.

When quizzed on why she thinks her marriage failed, she replied: "That question is too personal. I will only tell you this: I can be overcritical – with myself and with other people. And I don’t compromise ... I pass judgement on people quite quickly. If I don’t agree with someone or if I’m annoyed I will tell people to their face – no matter how hurtful that might be. That can get me into trouble from time to time. When that happens, my friends have to hold me back and say, ‘Scarlett, you can’t say that!’

"I'm also incredibly impatient – regarding my job, my family and men. I want things to progress. I hate stagnation!"

Despite her split from Ryan, Scarlett still believes in the concept of marriage but she isn't looking for a new guy at the moment.

When asked if she still believes in love and married, she said: "Oh yes, definitely! Why shouldn’t I? Right now I don’t feel the need to date anyone, though. I enjoy being single too much."