Does Sarah Palin want to be taken seriously or as just a media creation?

Watching her on 'Dancing with the Stars' tonight it seems to be the latter.

No self respecting presidential contender should be caught dead on a program that serves as chewing gum for the eyes.

Sarah Palin has already enough problems being taken seriously to act out on this kind of mush

Sure, Bristol, her daughter is on the show, the one who was once engaged to Levi Johnston but those two give Mickey and Minnie Mouse a bad name when it comes to brains.

"Dancing with the Stars' is one of those sugar puff 'reality' programs that would make The Flintstones in comparison a taxing show to watch.

Sarah Palin has been saying with a straight face that she is more than a media creation, a hype machine for the far right but based on the evidence of where she spends her time I seriously doubt that.

I wouldn't want to see my local dog catcher at DWTS, never mind a woman who could be president.

Sarah you shudda done better.