Ronan Keating

The Boyzone star and his wife Yvonne, 38, announced their split in April after failing to patch up their marriage following an alleged affair between the singer and tour dancer Francine Cornell and he admitted adjusting to his new status is difficult after being with his spouse for 14 years.

Ronan, 35, told the Irish Independent newspaper: "It's really weird. Really weird. Because it's brand new for me. We had 14 years together. I was very young when we started together. We had this life together. It's not like 'that's done and here I do something else'.

"It's what I am going through right now. I'm just finding my feet again."

Ronan also admitted telling the couple's three kids, Jack, 13, Marie, 11, and Ali, six, about the split was difficult.

He explained: "It was hard but we tried to deal with it with their best interests at heart. Whether we like it or not, this has happened. This is the change and this is what we have to do.

"They are our priority so it's all about making sure they don't get affected too much. Yvonne and myself are very conscious of that. We are doing the best we can do right now."

Ronan has now moved into a bachelor pad near his marital home in Malahide, Co Dublin in order to be near the children and is still a big part of their lives.

He said: "I'm only 200 or 300 yards down the street from the old house, so the kids are around all the time. I am there 100 per cent for them every day. I do the school run in the morning, I am there when they finish school, I am there all evening."