Two unlikely characters have struck up a friendship that may surprise folks!

Boyzone singer, Ronan Keating, and A-list celeb Russell Crowe, have been seen hanging out together in the land Down-Under.

Keating is in Australia to judge the Australian version of the "X-Factor" and Crowe is spending some time with family.

It was apparently Crowe that reached out to Keating, who is having marriage trouble after an alleged affair, via twitter.

The Gladiator star twittered Keating saying he was impressed with his "X-Factor" act Altiyan Childs had performed on the show.

"How good was that? Your man brought the house down," he wrote.

Keating is happy to have a friend in Australia.

He has reportedly said to friends that he finds it lonely there and no one knows who he is.

The pair have apparently had several conversations and Keating has already met with Crowe's wife on the set of an Australian morning show.

A blossoming friendship if ever their was one.