The ‘Maggie May’ hit maker and wife Penny Lancaster welcomed Aiden, their second son together, into the world last month and the singer didn’t want his kids from previous relationships feeling like he favored one over the others when he broke the news.

Rod – who also has six-year-old Alistair with Penny – said: “I wanted them to all know at the same time, no favoritism. We all email each other a lot. We all keep in touch. They’re all great kids, I’m very proud of them.”

The 66-year-old star – who also has 48-year-old daughter Sarah, who was raised by adoptive parents, Kimberly, 31, Sean, 30, Ruby, 23, Renee, 18, and 16-year-old Liam with four of his former partners - would love to take all his brood on holiday but admits it would be difficult to plan.

He said: “At this stage with my lot, with the age differences, they’re all off doing things.

“I get five or six of them that are OK to go, then Renee will go off dancing. That will finish then ice hockey will start for Liam and it’s hard to get them all together. But we’re working on it.”