Robin Gibb (right) and the rest of his band The Bee Gees
The Bee Gees singer lost his battle against liver and colon cancer in May, and his wife, Dwina says he went against doctors' advice to have his cancerous cells properly checked.

The cells were initially spotted after the 'How Deep is your Love' singer  had an operation to remove an intestinal blockage in October 2010, but he ignored it to continue writing and performing.

Dwina told the Daily Mail newspaper: "He didn't want to stop and I said, 'Please just have the scan.' Despite all his wonderful ways,

Robin could be very stubborn and he never liked bad news - he just didn't want to know.

"He went to do a show in New Zealand as they'd just experienced an earthquake.

"Maybe it was very important for him to do that show, but it was still important for him to have his scans."

Robin toured for over two weeks in November 2010 and Dwina says  when he finally did have a check up, the cancer had developed to a secondary stage, when the tumour starts to spread to nearby blood

Since Robin's death many stars and friends have paid tribute, and his brother Barry - the only remaining member of the Bee Gees - has vowed to go on a solo tour in honour of him, his twin brother and band mate

Maurice, who passed away in 2003, and younger sibling Andy, who died in 1988.

Barry said: "I will live on the music. And no matter what stage I'm standing on, my three brothers will be standing there with me."