Quick - what do you do after setting the pulses of a million fan girls racing in a swooningly romantic epic that involves a love triangle?

You star in another swooningly romantic epic that involves a love triangle.

Whatever you say about Robert Pattinson (and by now it must have all been said) at least he's consistent.

Taking a break from breaking hearts in 'Twilight,' Pattinson has moved on to break hearts in the turn of the century Paris pot boiler 'Bel Ami.'

The Declan Donnellan directed period drama will feature the English directors remarkable visual flair and it co-stars Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci.

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Telling the rags to riches story of handsome devil George Duroy (Pattinson) a young journalist who rose from poverty to become one of the most successful men in Paris by bedding some of the city’s most influential women, Pattinson has found a new character who preys on women for their cash instead of their blood.

This week the new poster for the film has been released and fans are sharply divided in their response to it. Some think Pattinson is smoldering and other think it looks like a snore fest. Having been the face of 'Twilight' for years now we suspect that he must be used to strong and divided reactions by now.

'Bel Ami' opens in theaters June 8.