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"The Twilight Saga" star has lost the top spot on Britain's GQ magazine's most stylish men of the year to British actor Aaron Johnson.

In fact the Twihard heartthrob came in fourth this year after Douglas Booth and Nicholas Hoult having being in first place last year. Perhaps Pattinson should consider not shopping in second-hand stores.

 As Pattinson dropped down the list a new arrival to the list shocked the media. In at number 26 is David Beckham's son, eight-year-old Romeo.

Mel Gibson topped the worst-dressed men in the world list. The list also features Jonathan Ross and British shadow education secretary Andy Burnham.

Here's the list of our GQ stylish men:

1. Aaron Johnson
2. Douglas Booth
3. Nicholas Hoult
4. Robert Pattinson
5. Prince Harry
6. David Furnish
7. Tom Ford
8. Alex James
9. Jenson Button
10. Bill Nighy
11. David Walliams
12. Matt Smith
13. Dominic Cooper
14. Patrick Grant
15. Tinie Tempah
16. David Beckham
17. David Gandy
18. Adrien Sauvage
19. George Lamb
20. David Cameron
21. Sir Elton John
22. Ben Barnes
23. Theo Hutchcraft of Hurts
24. Tom Hardy
25. William Gilchrist
26. Romeo Beckham
27. Prince William
28. Ray Winstone
29. Jude Law
30. Jarvis Cocker