Despite previously publicizing the love and chemistry he shared with his four legged co-starsRobert Pattinson found himself upstaged by his giant friend at a press conference for his new film Water for Elephants in Sydney this week

Dressed casually in jeans and a jacket, Pattinson was prepared for the cool Autumn weather in Australia, joined by his co-star Resse Witherspoon and a regal Indian elephant.

What he was not prepared for was for the Elephant's nature call during the press conference, leaving him and Witherspoon in a fit of laughter.

It was not the first time Witherspoon and Pattinson encountered such an event, as Witherspoon told the press of how an elephant broke wind during filming: "I was standing underneath her and I couldn't see anything and then I thought I heard a gun shot and I hit the floor. I came out from under her and I was like, 'oh my God, what the hell was that?'"

Though Pattinson had previously claimed to have a way with the animals on set, he hesitated to feed the elephant in Sydney, leaving Witherspoon to reward the animal with biscuits.

At the conference, Pattinson continued to play up his ease with the animal on set, saying he stayed at the elephant sanctuary "for about four hours playing catch with her."  

The elephant in Sydney may have scared off Pattinson a bit, but his elephant co-star Ty bewitched him, with Pattinson swooning "I genuinely thought we had a real bond, a little something going on." Perhaps the press conference in Sydney proved a little more than he bargained for.