RPatz a hit on the Internet this week, but a hit or miss with the critics


According to Gossip Center’s Hot 45 list, Robert Pattinson was the cream of the crop on the Internet this week after being everywhere and anywhere to promote his new flick “Water for Elephants” with Reese Witherspoon.

However, some of the early reviews in may not bring a smile to the ‘Twilight’ hunk.

Salon’s critic Mary Elizabeth Williams says he has a “dour persona” and makes a rather unfavorable comparison with Daniel Radcliffe:

"Pattinson may have the male model good looks and the serious new movie, but it's Radcliffe, bravely flailing around in a bow tie, who seems the more evolved performer."


The New York Times called the movie “bland” and “monotonous.”

Pattinson himself addressed the issue of criticism while speaking to USA Today:

“I always see these things like, 'Can he act or not?'" he said. "It's like, I'm nothing like Edward. What do you think I'm doing in that? So (when a new role arises), everyone's like 'It's very different.'"

Never fear Rob, CNN’s Tom Charity thinks you have “it.”

“As for Pattinson, this slender, smoldering 24-year-old is destined to be patronized by the critics and probably a good part of the male population for a while, but he looks like the real deal to me. He has the bone structure, but he also has a sensitivity and seriousness that should stand him in good stead.”

Have you seen “Water for Elephants”? What do you think?