Prediction: Robert Pattinson will marry Kristen Stewart in South America where they are filming together.

I mean the setting is perfect, a private island for Rob who hates the media clamor and Kristen clearly believes she is the right guy.

So why not now and why not there?

I know Twi fans will get their knickers in a knot if it happens, but let's face it folks, Robert could have any lady alive and he's sticking by Kristen, like honey to a honeycomb.

It is clear why.

They have a physical thing going, she is in the same business, she understands the incredible pressures and has taken a relaxed view of his um... wanderings from time to time.

And now is the perfect time for them to tie the knot. Its almost Holiday season, they have all their young lives in front of them and it is sooooo romantic ensconced on a desert island.

So my prediction is this--by Christmas we'll see Mrs Kristen Pattinson.

You read it here first.