After such a tumultuous couple of years playing Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in "The Twilight Saga" franchise, it will be interesting to see how this pair fair after the dust has settled.

This fall they will begin their last spell of filming of the movies, with "Breaking Dawn" part one and two being filmed simultaneously. When that's finished the pair will be free agents, already international film stars, and, no doubt, the film offers will come flooding in.

Before, the beast that is "The Twilight Saga" took over their lives, Robert Pattinson had already become a teen heartthrob playing Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" in 2007. Since then he's starred in other films such as "Little Ashes," when he played Salvador Dali, and "How to Be."

But now a little older and more experienced in the world of Hollywood, Pattinson is making a real mark on the scene, and he's become a respected star. Although his movie "Remember Me," where he starred with Pierce Brosnan didn't do very well in the box office, it was a new side of Pattinson and he was trying something different. Again, with the movie "Bel Ami" he's earning kudos as he goes.

His latest film "Water for Elephants," which he recently finished shooting in Louisiana, if it's anything like the novel it's based on, should be great success. Pattinson stars alongside Reese Witherspoon, and all the reports from the set were that Pattinson was a consummate professional throughout. When "Twilight" is finished he will go on to star in the western "Unbound Captives".

It seems to me that Kristen Stewart's future could be more of a risk. Her "Twilight" character, Bella Swan, has become an obsession with her fans. She herself has said that she feels a great amount of pressure from her adoring fans who know her character from the Stephanie Meyers' books inside out. She could very well run the risk of being typecast, unable to break the shackles of the character Bella Swan.

However Stewart has also spread her wings over the last couple of years. She too has been involved in independent productions such as "The Runaways" and "Welcome to the Rileys" but neither did well at the box office. She has just finished filming "On the Road", based on Jack Kerouac's novel, in Montreal. This movie should do well, with a Kerouac cult following if nothing else. After "Twilight" she has two projects already in the pipeline, "An American Girl" and "Blackwoods."

However, like the young cast of "Harry Potter", it will be interesting to see where they will all be in three or four years. Will they have been able to break away from their beloved characters to create proper movie careers or will they forever be known as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan?