Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
The couple - who met on the set of the 'Twilight' movie series - were seen singing along to the songs and having beers at the gig at The Hotel Café in Los Angeles, where they also mingled with fellow fans of the singer.

A source said: "Their night out was much more of a date this time around. They were comfortable with interaction from fans but also made sure they made plenty of time for themselves. They stayed mostly in the artist area where they usually stay when they are there, but also were mingling with the other fans of Johnny too.

"They were bobbing their heads and singing along to the songs. They are very regular with no star-like attitude at any time they were there."

The usually-private couple also indulged in some public displays of affection, and were described as being "extremely natural" with one other.

The source added to "They were holding hands, they kissed, they rested on each other and there was light dancing too.

"Without a doubt they were in love and not afraid to show it - it was extremely natural."