Alex Jones

Alex Jones, the right wing conspiracy theorist and believer in the global cabal of shadowy puppet masters who secretly run the world, has a beef with Bill O'Reilly the pugnacious Irish American pundit who just blasted him for his 'hate speech.'

According to Inquisitr, Jones bristled last week when O’Reilly linked Jones to 'hate speech' in his Talking Points memo on The O’Reilly Factor.

Discussing Facebook’s newly announced policy on sexist hate speech, O’Reilly went on to to criticize political hate speech of any kind, even using it as an explanation for why the IRS targeted some Tea Party groups.

But then O’Reilly cut to a clip of one of Jones' trade mark frothing at the microphone speeches with the words 'HATE SPEECH' right next to Jones' name.

That moment sent Jones to a further shore of outrage, who fired back that O’Reilly is a 'bully punk' an challenged him to a physical confrontation on live TV.

'I’d like to get in a boxing ring with Bill O’Reilly. Bill O’Reilly I challenge you to a pay-per-view boxing match. You think you’re so tough? Come on. You’re a lot bigger than me, let’s get in the ring, buddy. You think you’re so tough, you try to intimidate your guests. You get in their face, you turn their mike off. You poke your finger in their face. You big fat bully.'

It made for interesting viewing, one conservative calling the other one a bully and threatening violence.

'You’re scared to have me on your show,' Jones blustered. 'Of course you’d get like 10 million viewers. You’re jealous. Your radio show failed, you’re a failure. You want to start a fight with me punk? You think you can shove me around? You’re a coward, punk, rat bastard.'