Redmond O'Neal

The 27-year-old actor - the son of actor Ryan O'Neal and late actress Farrah Fawcett - is "extremely excited for the next phase in his life" after a Los Angeles judge agreed on Tuesday that the year-long treatment should come to an end, though Redmond will be on probation until 2016.

His attorney Richard Pintal told "Redmond was formally released from his treatment facility by Judge Keith Schwartz during a progress report hearing this morning.

"Redmond will remain on formal probation until 2016. Redmond is extremely excited for the next phase of his life and his recovery. Redmond is ready to transition out of the treatment facility and getting settled with his freedom. Redmond has had numerous offers for employment and is considering all of them. Redmond will be getting his skateboard and boogie board out of storage, and will definitely be hitting the beach."

Redmond - who has battled heroin addiction for many years - was sentenced to the year of rehab therapy after pleading no contest to felony possession of heroin and a firearms charge in 2011.

He has pledged to live a "new life" and focus on his sobriety, including spending time with a sober living companion and submitting to random drug tests.

Mr. Pintal added: "Redmond will be required to check in with his probation officer and will be randomly drug tested as requested by the probation department and his treatment team. Redmond is going to be working very hard at his recovery.

"Judge Schwartz also ordered that Redmond have a sober living companion stay with him for 30 days. Redmond is completely focused on his sobriety, and is ready to live a new life. Redmond is dedicated to his sobriety, and the court recognises that."