Niall Horan and his mystery brunette

Partying with One Direction can have its downsides.

The “pretty brunette” who caused a media sensation last week when she was photographed flirting with Niall Horan has been dumped by her fiancé over the incident, Now Magazine reports.

What may have seemed like a petty poolside photo prompted an equally petty breakup, as Joe Adkins, 32, sent Ruth Hicks, 26, packing via text.

“Joe feels like I have humiliated him,” Hicks told Now. “But I love him more than anything and would do anything to get him back.

“It’s all just a giant misunderstanding but he won’t even see me so I can’t explain.”

As for Joe, he told The Sun that “seeing my fiancée with that boy was so hurtful.”

So when the media sharks began circling around the photos of Hicks dancing and sharing a drink with Horan, Joe texted Hicks to say, “Pack your things, it’s over,” Now reported.

When Hicks returned to the UK from her Marbella vacation, Joe asked Hicks to return her diamond engagement ring and move out of their shared Portsmouth home.

One Direction’s spokesperson implied in a statement that the boys regularly break hearts- and break up couples- this way.

“The boys are pictured chatting to fans wherever they go,” the spokesman said, according to Now. “These photos are often sadly misrepresented, which can lead to problems for the people pictured.”