Police had to be called to the posh Dublin shopping area of Grafton Street as hundreds of young girls ran wild seeking their pop idol Justin Bieber.

Hundreds of girls congregated on the fancy shopping district when word was spread by twitter that Bieber was shopping there.

They ran screaming from store to store, shouting out his name and causing massive disruption according to the Irish Independent.

Police were eventually called to try and calm the situation.

The fans eventually descended on a Starbucks where they believed the Canadian star was having a coffee.

A member of the Bieber entourage was there but not the star himself.

Tickets for the concerts had sold out in minutes and promoters said they could have sold ten times the number.

"We could have sold eight or 10 nights of Justin Bieber, that was the kind of demand we were dealing with," promoter Peter Aiken told the Independent.

"He was written , or co-written, most of his best known songs. But most of all Justin Bieber has the X factor, which makes him the most popular thing on the planet right now," Aiken added.