Dear Robert De Niro

Have just watched your sad little movie.

it is called Meet the Fockers' part 86 or something and I really want to make a plea to you.

Please stop making dumb movies.

I brought a six year old and even he thought it was dumb after about twenty minutes.

Everyone knows you are the greatest actor of your generation, who can forget 'Taxi Driver', 'Raging Bull' etc, but your reputation is like one of those bad diaper jokes in the latest Fockers.

It's getting smellier by the year and there seems no good reason for it.

You can't need the dough and you certainly can't think you are advancing your body of work as the experts put it.

So please get back to real movies before your magnificent reputation is terminally damaged.

I'm glad to see you are reuniting with Martin Scorsese for 'The Irishman' about a hit Irish mob guy.

That sounds wonderful -- run, don't walk to the role.

It could be your savior and it would make all of us De Niro fans out there so happy to see you strut your stuff.

So please Bobby make it happen soon.

Amy Andrews