Pierce Brosnan has bared his soul about working with Roman Polanski on the movie 'The Ghostwriter' and his need for privacy away from the Hollywood glare.

He was speaking to website 'Flicks and Bits' on the DVD release of 'The Ghostwriter.'

He described how a phone call from an associate of the famous director began his work with him

"He said ‘Polanski wants to see you for this movie, would you go and see him in Paris?’

And I said ‘yeah, I would be very happy to go and meet this great director..’

And we sat and had a wonderful lunch and we talked, we talked about life, we had both lost wives, him in a ghastly fashion, a terrible tragedy.

He is a lovely man and I got on well with him.

We talked about movies and we just had a fantastic time.

We talked a little bit about the movie and then weeks later I went out to Berlin to see him and start the film.

Nothing was ever spoken about the past or indiscretions; it was just a great working experience. He is a taskmaster and he rules the set, it’s his set and he has his way of doing things

As he was an actor he likes to give you line readings, which is not everybody’s cup of tea, but I had no qualms about it.

I really enjoyed the experience."

Brosnan also spoke about the need to stay connected, despite fame with ordinary people and emotions.

"If you allow yourself you can feel very isolated within the world of Hollywood or one’s bit of fame.

But I slave and endeavour not to do that. I’m a working man, a working actor who has had some good fortune and success as an actor."

Brosnan also spoke about the difficulties that fame has brought him.

" I’m a public figure and I’m aware of that so you try to live your life accordingly and as simply as possible.

I started my life as an actor to be in connection with my own head and my heart and intellect and in the company of my fellow men and women and the community I live in.

So you want to stay connected. You don’t want to have that disconnect.

But I know what it’s like to be in a hotel room and have the press outside your window and to walk out and to be followed and observed, to be maligned by paparazzi or the Internet."