The trailer for Pierce Brosnan's new movie, "The Ghost Writer," has arrived online and it looks terrific. (And that's apart from the surprising preview of "Sex and the City's" Kim Cattrall with a sexy Brit accent!)

The biggest surprise is that Pierce (above with Ewan McGregor) actually looks like he's got a role with some muscle in it for a change.

I've never been a big fan of Pierce but he looks good in the role of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang.

Ewan McGregor plays the unfortunate ghost writer who is hired to write Lang's memoirs after the previous ghost writer dies in an accident.

However, as McGregor delves into Lang's memoirs he becomes aware of secrets involving terrorism, torture and the CIA which just might be the reason the former ghost writer was knocked off.

"The Ghost Writer" of course has picked up more press over the arrest of director Roman Polanski, a case which is still making its way through the courts.

Rumor has it that Irish director Niall Jordan was recently waylaid by a furious Sinead O'Connor after Jordan signed a petition in support of Polanski.

Well, you can say what you like about Sinead but she's dead right on that one.

Polanksi should have been dragged in front of the courts years ago.