Paul McCartney revealed this week that his Beatles bandmate George Harrison once fooled him into believing he was talking to his mother (who died when he was 14).

The 68-year-old told the press this week that he, Harrison and John Lennon once used a Ouija board where they seemed to come into contact with his deceased parent.

"We once did an Ouija board thing when we were kids," McCartney confessed. "We weren't really into all that, but somebody said, 'Let's do it', so we were touching the glass saying, 'Okay, nobody push it, okay?' so then, suddenly, it's moving!

"It spells, 'Congratulations... son' and we're going 'No!' and it spells 'Congratulations... son... number... one. In NME'."

NME meant New Musical Express and McCartney instantly realized that his mother wouldn't have had a clue it was the top music magazine of the 1960's. He instantly realized it was a prank.

"We were all, 'Oh, f**k off' and then there's George, you know, laughing - he's been pushing it all the time. Bad boy."