Look out, here comes another Kennedy memoir about the evils of battling the demon drink and other addictions.

This time it is Patrick Kennedy, son of Teddy, who is coming clean, which is actually the title of the book.

The former Rhode Island congressman will bring the memoir out a year from now.

"I realize that I have an enormous opportunity to turn my biggest liability — my illness, which includes addiction — into an asset to help countless numbers of Americans who quietly suffer and cannot afford treatment or risk telling their employers," Kennedy said in a statement.

"That's why I'm writing this book. I hope that by telling the real story of my own personal struggle, I can kick off my lifelong mission: to destigmatize addiction and other neurological ailments, and break down the barriers between research and treatment of different types of brain disorders."

Publishers Houghton Mifflin say the book will be a best seller.

"Coming clean about his family and himself is an important first step in his initiative to help the millions of Americans who suffer from similar afflictions,"they said.