The rock ‘n’ roll siblings haven’t spoken since they had a huge bust-up before a Paris festival appearance in August 2009 resulting in the end of Oasis, but 'Wonderwall' hitmaker Noel is now extending an olive branch to his sibling ahead of his nuptials to Sara MacDonald on June 18.

Speaking about Liam during his stag party on Friday - which saw the guitarist and his friends visit a number of pubs across London – Noel told the Daily Mirror newspaper:  “He is my brother. He is a tit but he’s my brother so I guess he should be there. Yeah, I would want him there.

“Family is family on days like that and it would make a lot of people happy. But he’ll always be a complete t**t.”
At one point during the raucous proceedings, Noel, 44, also declared to the pub: "I’m getting f***ing married and I want everyone as p***ed as me.”

The rockers' mother Peggy is also keen for Liam and Noel to end their feud and believes the wedding is the perfect opportunity to do so.
Noel Gallagher will marry Sara MacDonald on June 18

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A source said last week: “Unless he's broken both his legs, Liam has been told he is going to watch his brother get married."

Despite the best attempts of his family, 38-year-old Liam – who is fronting new band Beady Eye - has remained adamant the split between him and his brother is for good and they are "over and done with".

He recently said: "Let's be clear about one thing here - this band is not a stop gap until me and our kid bump into each other. Him and me are over and done with. This is the real deal.

"I'd like to think we grow up to be friends later on but I've no time for that just yet. The way I view Oasis now is that's it like having a child from a previous relationship."