Guns n’ Roses fans will not be compensated for this week’s concert despite mounting anger by fans.

The eighties rock group performed in Dublin on Wednesday night at the O2 arena. Much to the fury of fans, the band failed to appear on stage until 10.24pm, then 25 minutes into the concert lead man Axl Rose left the stage after a fan threw a bottle.

The band had been performing their iconic track 'Appetite for Destruction' from their debut album, when the first missile landed on stage. Axl had given the crowd a warning that he would walk off stage if another bottle was thrown.

An eye witness told IrishCentral that when Axl did finally appear on stage he never apologized for his lateness.

“By the time the band arrived on stage, the audience was anxious. Then as the show got started, Axl became visibly angry about people throwing bottles on stage. Once he stormed off the stage, the lights came on, and people weren’t sure what to do” Karen Casey told IrishCentral.

A significant proportion of the crowd left immediately before the head of MCD Promotions appeared on stage and appealed for calm. The band did not re-emerge until forty minutes later at 11.30pm and they played until just before 1am.

“We just left immediately, there was a lot of tension in the air and because the crowd had waited for so long, a lot of people were very drunk.” she added.

A spokesperson from MCD said "Despite his [Axl Rose] continued appeals, having tried to continue performing for 22 minutes, people continued throwing unknown substances leaving the artist with no choice but to leave the stage,"

"While the artist has a long history for being late on stage, no artist should be subjected to missiles and unknown substances being thrown at them."

MCD insisted refunds would not be provided. "Once people stopped throwing items, Guns N' Roses returned on stage and performed their full set list of songs, so the issue of refunds does not arise," a spokesman said.