Although she stepped down as editor of “News of the World” just last month, sources say that Rebekah Brooks has held on to her work-appointed chauffeur. Many are now questioning whether ties between her and the corporation have been totally severed.

Apparently, she has been told that she can keep the car for another two years; all the while, it's the company's wallets that are still being emptied at her expense.

Despite the fact that she's still using the company car, she is thought to be off the payroll. According to the Independent, "it is believed she has kept her car and driver as part of a confidential severance package."
News of the World’s Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch now become the hunted

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Rebekah Brooks arrested in News of the World investigation by London police

Brooks was arrested last month on suspicion of conspiracy to hack into voicemails and making corrupt payments to the police, according to the Independent. However, she's adamantly denied her involvement with said accusations.

Brooks worked at News of the World for 22 years and had 23 directorships linking her to News International.