Aoife and Louise are on their way to see Justin Bieber
 What amazing look for two newly emigrated Irish girls arriving in Canda. Aoife (14) and Louise (11) Staines, won free passes to Justin Bieber's upcoming tour at a local raffle, in White Fox, Saskatchewan.

The sisters only arrived in Canada with their family last month and won the tickets through their local Credit Union, according to the report in their new local paper the Nipawin Journal.

Their Mom Bridget Staines said "My eldest son Stephen joined the bank recently and they put his name in the Justin Bieber raffle they were running. I must point out that my 18-year-old son is not a fan of Justin Bieber at all, so he never thought anymore about it!

“And then the bank telephoned our home to speak to him about winning the raffle. I told them he won’t be interested in going but his sisters will! My daughters are such big fans it’s untrue. Aoife was telling friends before she left Ireland that if she didn’t like the move to Canada, at least she would be closer to Justin Bieber - and now she really will be! The house was hysterical when I told them, they really are so very pleased.”

Aoife who just started ninth grace at her new local school said "We are so excited, we can’t believe it. I have already picked my outfit to wear - my Justin Bieber bunnyhug and I will be writing his name on my hand too!”

Louise added “All our new friends at school are so excited and happy for us! I don’t think anyone else is going from the school so we will tell them all about it when we get back.”

Have fun girls and we want a full report.