New York artist Richard Phillips has immortalized the vampire cast of "Twilight" in a series of paintings called "Most Wanted". The paintings of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Dakota Fanning and other are featured in Elle along with some of the artist's thoughts on each of the painting and his subjects.

He pained Kristen Stewart's portrait in 2010. Speaking about the painting he said "I think the easiest one right off the bat was Kristen because of her relationship with Pattinson; plus, New Moon and Twilight were such a success. And just at that time she was hitting it big with The Runaways with Dakota Fanning. The Runaways was kind of a great but wasted opportunity, because the film was horribly directed and terribly shot, but their performances isolated from that were great.”

Robert Pattinson's portrait was completed in 2009. Phillip said "The demand for getting things right with Pattinson—getting the lips right, the beard right—is important because all the character he has in his classic ‘I’ve seen it all before’ look is made up of all those constituent parts. A friend of mine stopped by and said, ’There’s a subliminal message in his beard, but I can’t make it out.’ There isn’t [laughs].”