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A new behind the scenes interview with Robert Pattinson, carried out by “Entertainment Tonight,” gives a sneak peak at the leading man and his co-star Reese Witherspoon on set.

Pattinson speaks about how amazing the set is. He said, "Almost every single day you can look around the set and see nothing from the modern world."

The movie follows Pattinson's character who runs away with the circus and falls in love with an older woman played by Witherspoon, but unfortunately her husband gets in the way.

During the movie the two leads have some pretty steamy love scenes with each other.

Pattinson said, "Every single time there's a love scene I always seem to get beaten up in the afterwards. I get beaten up about 10 times. That's our most romantic moment -- it ends with me getting beaten up by about 10 guys."

The interview questioned Witherspoon to see if she realized how lucky she was acting as the love interest alongside Pattinson. She said, "I know. I'm so lucky and he's so amazing."

During the report Oscar winner Witherspoon is seen riding an elephant. She admitted elephants are not the most comfortable way to travel.

"I trained for three months on her but I was always wearing jeans so then when I actually showed up and I had to wear a little leotard and tights with her I was like 'Ouch'. It was like being stabbed by little needles,” she said.

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