Megan and Brian at the 
Golden Globe Awards
The 'This is 40' actress left four-month-old Noah in the care of husband Brian Austin Green's parents while the couple attended the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles and he brunette beauty admits she is "really particular" about the little boy's care.

Speaking to 'Access Hollywood' on the red carpet, she said: "I'm really particular about everything and his mom is really good about making sure she does everything perfect.

 "I'm overly worried about everything all of the time."

However, Brian added: "She's not overly worried - she's a good mom."

The 26-year-old beauty also admitted it hadn't taken her long to get back in shape after having Noah, claiming her figure returned to normal straight away.

She said: "My baby was kind of small and my pregnancy was small - I walked out of the hospital kind of like this. Not to be crazy, but... it is what it is."

And though the couple average less than six hours sleep a night, Brian, 39, is happy to have his rest disturbed to take care of nocturnal feeds.

Megan said: "He's always done the middle of the night feeding for me to let me rest and recover. He's a really good husband!"

Brian added: "She did nine, 10 months of work, so I figure I can get up - I can get out of bed."