Matthew McConaughey says he and his partner Camila Alves - who he has two children with, son Levi, two, and 14-month-old daughter Vida – rarely go out together because they have so much fun trying out new recipes.

He told website PopEater: “We've got a whole bunch of things to fill up a cookbook right now.

“Cooking is one of the main things we do. One and a half hours to two hours a day. We eat out like once every two months because we cook. It's really great family time from six to eight. Glass of wine and we start mixing up sauces and trying new things. See what we can pull off and we swap, sometimes I'm the cook, sometimes Camila is the cook.”

When he isn’t in the kitchen, the 41-year-old actor loves going for a drive as he claims being behind the wheel of his car gives him time to relax and think.

He said: “When I’m driving, that’s my favorite place to think. Or not think.

“I like to put myself in a place where the answers sort of show up and my favourite place is behind a wheel, heading somewhere.”