Matthew McConaughey's children ran down the aisle when they saw him at his wedding.

The 'Killer Joe' actor's children Levi, four, and Vida, two, played key roles when he married their mother Camila Alves at their Texas home earlier this month and though they were easily distracted, he says things "worked out" in the end.

He explained on 'TODAY': "Levi brought the rings on a necklace. Vida was the flower girl.
"I don't think she dropped one petal.

"It was only 25 yards. It took them two minutes to make it this far. They stopped, talked to some guests. Then I crouched down and they came running this way and it all worked out."

The 42-year-old actor is thrilled with how "healthy" all aspects of his life are at the moment.

He added: "My life is healthy. Personal life is good, career feels good and we'll just keep on cultivating."

Meanwhile, the actor admits he has "always" wanted to be a father, even when he had uncertainty about other aspects of his life.

He told the Metro newspaper: "One thing I always knew I wanted to be, since I was eight years old, was to be a father.

"When I was 20, I didn't know what I wanted for a career but I knew I wanted to be a father. The men I looked up to the most were fathers - men who raised good kids."