The 41-year-old singer – who gave birth to twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe in April – has threatened to "kill" husband Nick Cannon if he makes her give birth again.

He said: "I want some (more), but I think my wife's done. I tried to say, 'Yo, let's go for another round!' and she's like, 'I'll kill you!'"

In celebration of the birth of the twins, the TV presenter gave his wife a pink and white diamond necklace to commemorate the happy occasion.

Speaking to TV show 'Extra', Nick added: "It says Moroccan and Monroe in pink and white diamonds. My wife has so much jewellery, so I've got to be really creative when I give gifts."

However, the 'America's Got Talent' host admitted the tots are both living up to their names, with his son adopting a "tough" character and his daughter already showing "diva" tendencies.

Nick, 30, said: "My son Roc lives up to his name. He's a tough guy. He's already crawling. And then my daughter, she's just a diva."
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