Actress Mandy Moore has revealed her desire to have kids in the near future.

She is married to actor Ryan Adams.

“I’m a married lady, and one day, I will definitely have a family,” she told E! News.

“When you do a film like this, I think that thought crosses your mind—that one day you’ll be able to show your kids that you were in an animated Disney film!”

Moore revealed that marriage has matured her.

“It still feels not entirely real,” she said. “Things are wonderful, and there’s such a peaceful settledness about it.

“But sometimes I can’t wrap my head around it. It seems bizarre but really cool at the same time, like, ‘Wow – I did that!’

“I’m enjoying life, but I was enjoying it before [marriage] too.

“It’s not like, ‘Oh, my life is complete now.’ I just have this extra incredible bonus of my best friend in the whole world, getting to spend every day with him.”