Jessica Chastain in 'Mama'
Golden Globe winner Jessica Chastain had said while she would like to be a mother someday, the flame haired beauty doesn’t stress about having kids.

The 35-year-old won a Golden Globe for best actress last week for her role as a CIA agent in “Zero Dark Thirty.”

In her latest horror movie thriller “Mama” Chastain plays the role of Annabel, whose boyfriend persuades her to take in his two nieces who had been living in the wilderness.

"I was nervous [about Mama]. I didn't want to make a movie that says women who chose not to have children are wrong. Or our purpose [as women] is to be mothers, because I don't necessarily think that's true," Jessica told British magazine Look.

"I hope to be a mother some day but if it doesn't happen, other wonderful things will."

The award winning actor credits her Grandmother for encouraging her to pursue her acting career.

"My grandmother Marilyn has been an incredible influence. She wanted to be an actress, but was told to marry and have children," Jessica continued. "When I was young she bought me ballet lessons and took me to my first play."

Watch the trailer for Mama below: