Macaulay Culkin reportedly threw himself at a photographer on Tuesday

The 32-year-old actor and DJ - who was recently mistaken for a homeless man in London - allegedly attempted to start a fight with the paparazzo as he left The Haunt nightclub in Brighton, England "cursing and screaming".

Macaulay, who dated actress Mila Kunis for eight years until January 2011, was held back by members of his entourage and eventually jumped into a van, which took him back to the nearby Ibis hotel at approximately 1.30am.

According to the, the former 'Home Alone' child star, who is visiting his pals Adam Green and Binki Shapiro during their tour in England, also yelled, "Go to hell", at the photographer after attending the duo's gig in the club.

The actor has travelled with the musicians to several parts of the UK to attend their gigs in Manchester, London and Bristol, during which he joined them on stage to perform a cover of a Beach Boys hit.

The incident comes just days after student Marley Spindler, who bumped into him at 2.30am on the streets of the city, thought the star was a vagrant.

She previously said: "We chatted for about five minutes and he said he was in London seeing friends though he was vacant, speaking very quietly and mellow.

"I didn't know who he was at first - I thought it was some homeless guy who was scrounging a smoke.
"I'm no expert, but he didn't seem all there."