As “Ice Road Truckers” heads into its second season Lisa Kelly got a chance glam up in Sterling, Alaska.

She said “That was fun, but it was very cold out.”

Usually when we see Kelly she’s behind the wheel of a giant truck trundling along a frozen road, risking life and limb on the show but she has also become a kind of sex symbol through her appearance on the History Channel’s show.

It’s certain that she’s definitely the most attractive of the truckers on the show, not a hard thing, I assure you but when questioned about a being a sex symbol she said.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what other people are gonna think…It’s interesting to put a woman’s twist on [‘Ice Road Truckers’] and if that’s how I’m perceived, well, it’s not up to me.”

This season will see the truckers hauling cement across India’s Himalayas, not quite as glamorous as the photo shoot.

“It was completely different in every way…It was just a cliffside; we have mountain driving here, but not a little road that goes higher and higher.

“And the trucks [in India] are different,” she said. “They’re not as big and not very powerful at all, which added to the danger factor. We had an Indian spotter with us for safety’s sake and he ended up being more of a pain than a help — he was confusing me on the rules and making stuff up as we went along.”

Now that filming has finsined on season two the sky is the limit for Kelly. She said “I have nothing in the chamber right now, just whatever comes my way. The show has opened up a lot of doors.”