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The troubled actress – who is due to complete a court-ordered treatment programme at the Betty Ford clinic next week – will not be returning to her West Hollywood home, and instead will be taken to a residence out of the public eye by her mum Dina and siblings Ali, 17, and 14-year-old Cody.

A friend of the ‘Machete’ actress told X17online: “Lindsay will be staying at a secret location starting January 4, with her family, mother and siblings. She also has the support of me and her other friends.

“As long as she doesn't fail any tests - and everyone is going to make sure she doesn't - she'll be put on summary unsupervised probation on February 25.”

Lindsay’s estranged father Michael – who has a notoriously strained relationship with Dina – welcomed the move, admitting he is pleased his daughter will be kept away from her “old haunts”, which he believed contributed to her struggles.

He said: “Being away from her old so-called friends and haunts in Hollywood would only behoove Lindsay as long as when she gets to New York, she stays away from the old haunts and friends, as well.”

However, Michael is keen for his ongoing feud with his ex-wife not to come in the way of Lindsay’s progress following her release from rehab.

He added: “Another important part of Lindsay's release, if she does spend time with Dina, is that Dina does not put Lindsay in between, or include her, in any of our differences. Lindsay needs two parents who will stand by her and become united rather than two parents who oppose each other.

“To any extent, I’m proud of Lindsay, I’m happy for her and I want her to be happy, as well. Family is the most important thing in recovery."

The 24-year-old star was told to enter rehab after breaching the conditions of probation set for a 2007 conviction for driving under the influence.