A California judge is working a vacation day Monday to hear what excuses Irish American actress Lindsay Lohan comes up with for her non-appearance in court last week.

If she doesn't like them Lindsay may end up in jail.

Judge Marsha N. Revel issued an arrest warrant for Lohan on Thursday but Lohan was in Cannes at the film festival partying.
Her attorneys said she lost her passport

"Actions speak louder than words. I've heard the best words in the world, but the actions are far more important," the judge said. "She has a history of not keeping scheduled appointments.... I couldn't have been more clear about the priority of this case and getting things done."

It an ominous sign that Revel who was scheduled to begin a vacation will stay to hear the case.

Lohan was found guilty on driving and alcohol abuse charges and she is on probation.

Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, said her client is mostly in compliance and that the probation officer supports that view.