Police asked a judge at Los Angeles Airport Court on Tuesday for a warrant to search the 24-year-old star’s Venice Beach home after she was photographed wearing a “high-end” necklace which had gone missing. 

A law enforcement official told RadarOnline.com: “Lindsay is accused of stealing high-end jewellery, including a necklace. 

“A search warrant was requested Tuesday (01.02.11) at the Airport Court to search Lindsay’s house for the item of jewellery in question. 

“Lindsay has been photographed and there is video of her wearing the jewellery she is accused of stealing.” 

The ‘Mean Girls’ actress was released from a three-month court-ordered rehab stay early in January, and is currently on probation relating to a 2007 conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) in 2007. 

If the jewellery is valued at more than $5,000, Lindsay could find herself charged with a felony.
At the time of writing it was unknown if the judge at the Airport Court had granted authorities permission to search her home. 

It is also possible she could face criminal charges relating to her stay in rehab, where she is accused of assaulting a worker at the Betty Ford Center on December 12. 

Lindsay has been in rehab five times, and remains subject to random drug and alcohol testing until a court hearing on February 24.