Lindsay Lohan is dropping her last name and may soon be known as Lindsay Sullivan, using her mother's maiden name.

The Irish American actress with roots in Cork is making the name change to distance herself from her father who was recently arrested again.

'Lindsay will leave the "Lohan" behind to be just Lindsay,' her mother Dina told the newsite Popeater.

'I and Ali will officially change our names to use my maiden name, Sullivan.'

The 24-year-old wants to be know simply as 'Lindsay,' for now but may add the Sullivan later,

Her father, Michael who is 50 was arrested this week and charged with assaulting his girlfriend.

He is denying the name change story and blames his wife according to Radar online..

'It amazes me that Dina would say something ridiculous like that', he said, adding: 'I have tried and I will continue to try to get therapy for the entire family so that Dina can let go of her hostility.'

'I would seriously question Lindsay ever considered something like this, as I would the rest of my family',

'I never ask Lindsay for a penny and I'm the one who pays for most of her bills', Michael claimed. 'I'm certainly not living hand to mouth.'