The new Wonder Woman costume doesn’t compare to the original according eager fans.

The new Hollywood version of the female superhero’s costume lacks luster according to some comic book fans.

Most associate the iconic American superhero with Linda Carter, who played the original role in the 1970s.

Her flowing dark brown hair, her big blue eyes and long lustrous legs along with her satin hit pants and uplifting bustier, made her a memorable figure.

The half Irish, half Mexican beauty became famous for her striking looks, perfect body and her Wonder Woman role.

The first photos of the remake of the series show Adrianne Palicki’s new less revealing costume.

While it still exemplifies her wonderful figure, Carter’s original hot pants have been replaced with electric blue leggings. What is really missing from the costumes is large amounts of visable skin.

Check out this video that some fans captured of the upcoming series being filmed in Hollywood and then the original version of the show. Let us know which costume you prefer!