Jimmy Fallon

The 'Late Night' host and his wife Nancy welcomed Winnie Rose last month and Jimmy can't stop gushing about the tot.

In his 'Ask Jimmy: Baby Edition' YouTube video, he said: “I'm pretty tired. But basically it's a weird type of tired, where it's like you're so tired but you don't feel exhausted, you feel like, 'I just have to do this, so I'm gonna keep moving through this pace.' It's fun, it's fun tired because you're just excited to what she does next. It's exciting.

"Last night we were giving her a sponge bath and she loves it when you put the water on her head, her little head, she has a tiny little round head…She's a great baby. Doesn't cry."

Jimmy isn't the only one who is can't get enough of Winnie, his dog Gary also can't resist the tot.
The 38-year-old presenter added: “The real Gary is super cute, totally protective. Loves her.

"This morning we were feeding her, and Gary walked up and she was like, 'I'm cool, don't worry about me.' And quickly looked over and licked her head. It was really cute. Because she smells so good and everyone would like to lick her head, but Gary gets away with it 'cause she's a dog."