Lady Gaga has submitted a bizarre rider requesting staff speak to her London accents.

The ‘Judas’ singer is reportedly so obsessed with Britain she threw a pre-royal wedding party before Prince William married Princess Catherine last month and now in preparation for an upcoming UK gig this weekend she has asked her entire team to speak in Cockney accents – the traditional accent of people who live in the East End area of the city.

In addition, Gaga has asked for her dressing room at Radio 1’s Big Weekend on Sunday to be decorated in Union Jack bunting and has requested traditional British food and drinks, including fish and chips, gin and Pimms.

The eccentric 25-year-old singer is also said to be obsessed with eating a deep fried Mars bar after hearing about the Scottish delicacy.

An insider told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Gaga cracked up when they told her about deep fried Mars bars and said: ‘But why would anyone deep-fry a candy car?’”

However, Gaga is also providing alternative food and drinks for those who don’t share her obsession with all things British and her team can look forward to a whole roasted chicken, a cheese plate, tortilla chips and dips, vegetarian hot dogs and their own smoothie station to blend up delicious fruit drinks.
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