Lady Gaga and Princess Diana
The 'Born This Way' singer is writing a track about the late British royal – who died aged 36 in a car accident in Paris in 1997 – and fears she may end up losing her life in a similar fashion.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Gaga has always been absolutely fixated on Diana and sees herself as a 21st-century incarnation of her.

"She knows she is almost as recognizable as Diana and is hounded by photographers and fans on the same level.

"Gaga has had dreams about dying the same way as her and has genuine fears that her fame could literally kill her, either in a chase or at the hands of crazies."

Gaga's earlier single, 'Paparazzi', was also about the perils of celebrity and was also written with the tragic figure of Diana in mind.

The pop superstar has said: "Diana was the most iconic martyr of fame. She died because of it."
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Gaga played a piano version of her new song to a select few individuals last month, and one listener has described it as having "bitter lyrics" and a "trademark catchy chorus".

In 2009, Gaga performed 'Paparazzi' at the MTV Video Music Awards, with her appearance culminating in her staging a fake death, with her covered in fake blood and hanging from the ceiling.