The 'Edge Of Glory' hitmaker explained while she would like to come back to earth as herself in a future life, the new Gaga would be a "mean and fierce" fairy monster with a "fake mole".

Asked who she would like to be reincarnated as, she explained: "Myself. But I would have all my protrusions be real and I would be a real fairy monster.

"But she would be mean and fierce, too. And have a fake mole. And I would be able to instantly change a wig with a thought in my mind or change my bone structure based on my thoughts."

The 25-year-old singer – real name Stefani Germanotta – also admitted while she never set out to be an icon for the gay community, she is thrilled that becoming a public figure has allowed her to "fight for equality".

Lady Gaga added to website PrideSource: "I never set out to be a gay icon or become one or be revered as one. The most special thing of all has been that my sort of assimilation as a public figure has very organically stemmed out of who my natural friends were in high school.

"So now it's less about being a leader and more just about being a part of my generation and being part of the fight for equality that I feel is part of who I am and part of my childhood, and part of where I'm going."