Not exactly wedding bells but still symbolic, Lady Gaga and her partner Luc Carl took part in a 'spiritual' commitment ceremony in Greece last week.

In a romantic setting the couple confessed their love for one another in what is being described as an intimate moonlit service on the Greek Island of Crete.

Close friends attended the ceremony were Gaga wore a long white dress and Luc was dressed in a white suit jacket with silver zebra print leggings.

A source said: “It was their first step towards marriage. They both dressed up and said beautiful handwritten vows.

“They then exchanged rings in a spiritual service and drank shots before sitting down to a lovely private dinner at a tiny restaurant.

“They wanted to show that they are committed to each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. They are still planning to marry, but that will come later when she has the time to plan a big Italian-style wedding.”

The source added to Grazia magazine: “Since her beloved grandfather died last month, Luc has been her rock and she’s also had a reminder of just how short life is. She says he’s ‘The One’ and she doesn’t want to lose him ever again.”

Put a ring on it already Luc!