Lady Gaga wants to get her Bikram Yoga on while in Ireland for her six concerts which are split between Dublin and Belfast.

Bikram Yoga is also known as Hot Yoga and is conducted in a heated room and burns up to 600 calories an hour

Gaga is staying at the exclusive Four Season Hotel in Dublin where she will occupy the presidential suite.

"They booked out a huge number of rooms for her and her dancers but Lady Gaga is staying in the hotel's most exclusive suite." a source told the Evening Herald .

Her demands include that "a Bikram Yoga and Pilates expert be available round the clock during her stay as apparently she sometimes likes to wind down by working out after a show".

"They also asked for a massage therapist to be readily available whenever she requires and said she will more than likely want some other beauty treatments like manicures and pedicures during her stay.

"Other than that they asked for a constant good supply of fresh fruit and bottles of water at room temperature to be in her room."