Kevin Costner
The 57-year-old actor - who starred alongside Bobbi's late mother Whitney Houston in legendary movie 'The Bodyguard' - wouldn't agree to be followed by cameras himself but is hoping that the teenager's agreement to do so will be right for her.

He said: "I don't want to open my life up like that, but there might be something there for her, and that's all you can hope - that this is a good decision.

"Once that decision is made, you hold your breath and hope it is a good decision."

Kevin - who spoke at Whitney's funeral after she died in a bath at the Beverly Hilton hotel on February 11 - believes there are no right or wrong decisions and thinks those close to her will have thought through the decision.

He told 'Access Hollywood': "It is so hard to navigate your own life, you know? There are no rules for how you are going to survive, how you are going to make it emotionally, professionally and economically. There are no rules any more.

"She has people around her that adore her, protect her, and they have obviously thought it through."